In this page is provideded various forms of exploring and discovering the available documentation. The user can navigate the collection through its funds, view scanned documents available through the platform, or browse the contents of the existing descriptors.

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Institutional fonds

Public records related to science management in Portugal, from mid-20th century to the present, namely scientific and technological research promotion, funding and monitoring.


Personal papers

Personal papers of scientists, researchers and other individuals related to scientific research in Portugal.


Digital representations

The digital representations available in the collection consist of digitized versions of documents originally existing on paper.



In this section you can navigate through the available thesaurus and consult the indexed information. It's a convenient way to navigate the collection using controlled vocabularies that direct the user to the required documentation.

Áreas científicas

Lista de termos relativos às áreas científicas.


Programas de apoio

Lista de nomes de programas de financiamento de projetos de investigação, de infraestruturas científicas, de unidades de investigação e para a atribuição de bolsas a investigadores, entre outros.